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Who should join?

Hyperfox Academy is ideal for C-level management who want to understand how a future-proof supply chain can make a difference. The program is designed to maximise learning and is giving techniques that are usable for self-observing-learning in the future for continuous developing impact on the supply chain. Having a buddy to collaborate with enhances the learning experience and fosters practical application in your respective organisations.

What is the Thinking Factory Methodology?

The Thinking Factory Methodology, developed by Prof. Kris Pattyn, is a unique approach that blends deep academic knowledge with practical, industry-focused applications.

This method focuses on learning to observe based on trends and academic models in one's own operational environment. Starting from a homework beforehand, a sharing of observations in group while in the sessions linked to the models, a discussion with everyone's observational background will teach how hands-on improvement strategies emerge where the use-cases, which will later become objects of HyperAutomation lead to a hands-on result to take home.

What is the cost?

The cost of the program is 960€ per person. We offer a special rate of 1599€ for duos, encouraging collaborative participation and maximising the learning impact for teams.

How will the group look like?

Each group will be composed from a maximum of eight different companies (max 16 participants) to ensure a diverse and enriching learning environment. We take care to avoid including direct competitors in the same group, fostering an open and collaborative atmosphere. The programme will be given in your preferred language.

Where will the live sessions take place?

The live sessions of the Hyperfox Academy will be held at the Corda Incubator (Corda Campus, Kempische Steenweg 303/200, 3500 Hasselt, Limburg). We provide on-site catering, including food and drink options, to ensure a comfortable learning environment for all participants.

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