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Hyperfox Academy: How to Hyperautomate your operational processes

Elevate your expertise with the Hyperfox Academy. Master the art of efficiency, embrace smart automation, and drive impactful results. Your journey to excellence starts here!

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The Hyperfox Academy in a nutshell

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    960€ per person
    Special rate of 1599€ for duos

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    Corda Incubator - Hasselt, Limburg

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    Starting in September (dates tbd)

  • 01

    Supply Chain & HyperAutomation Framework

  • 02

    Interactive Experience Modules

  • 03

    Immersive Company Visit

  • 04

    Community & Networking Event

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Tailored for Logistics - Operational, Functional, and General Managers looking to challenge their day-to-day supply chain and prepare for the future.

Encouraging duo participation, for collaborative learning and peer engagement, setting the stage for transformative strategic change within your organisation.
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Immerse yourself in Prof. Kris Pattyn's and Founder Tom Devos’ innovative Thinking Factory Methodology, a dynamic blend of deep academic knowledge and practical, industry-focused applications.

Equip yourself with actionable strategies tailored for real-world supply chain challenges.
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Hybrid Learning
Experience a comprehensive blend of asynchronous e-learning for foundational knowledge, complemented by interactive live sessions and a practical company visit for hands-on insights.

Benefit from a community event to enhance networking and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.
The hyperautomation Academy


1 Supply Chain & HyperAutomation Framework

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Interactive Workbook

Deepen your understanding through a blend of theoretical insights and targeted questions.
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Asynchronous Learning

Engage with self-paced e-learnings to solidify your skills for supply chain foundations.
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Customised Case Study

Tackle a case specifically connected to your business context. Use and review it in the interactive module and explore new opportunities during the networking event. It is the common thread of the programme.
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Executives sitting around a table in a conference room for a discussion.

2 Interactive Experience Modules

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Live Group Sessions

Participate in 3 dynamic 4-hour group sessions from 4-8 pm (dates TBD).
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Innovative Concepts

Delve into cutting-edge topics like Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS), Dashboards for Communication, 5PL, end-to-end Matrix Thinking and Sustainability, Blockchain, AI & Algorithms, Procurement as Revenue Generator, and the importance of HyperAutomation to connect these trends.
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Case study: The use of a self-service portal

Discover how a self-service portal acts as the universal connector in the modern supply chain to automate your company's operational processes. Discover how a self-service portal acts as the universal connector in the modern supply chain to automate your company's operational processes.

3 Immersive Company Visit

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Hands-On Experience

Spend half a day visiting a leading warehouse to gain valuable field insights.
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Field Insights

Observe and learn from real-world supply chain challenges and solutions, and interact with industry professionals.
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Practical Application

Connect the learned trends and concepts to the real world, see how they are handled, but also see where the pitfalls, bottlenecks and problems are. Learn on the spot in an open discussion how to develop continuous improvement as second nature.
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4 Community and Networking Event

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Collaborative Learning

Share your insights and experiences in a community gathering.
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Hyperfox Alumni Network

Gain lifetime access to our exclusive alumni community for continued learning and networking.
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Connect and Grow

Leverage the event to build lasting professional connections and exchange your use case experiences.

Leverage the event to build lasting professional connections and exchange your use case experiences.

Why join the Hyperfox Academy?

"I'm excited to join the Hyperfox Academy! Its focus on practical, real-world supply chain solutions is the game-changer we need. I can't wait to dive in and transform our strategies."

Bert Collet
Bert Collet
Technical Buyer
Komax Belgium
By Joining the Hyperfox Academy You Will:
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    Take home bespoke strategies tailored to your business needs

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    Gain insights into the latest trends in supply chain management and HyperAutomation

  • Building blocks icon.

    Engage in practical exercises for real-world applications and hands-on guides for your own environment

  • Certificate icon.

    Earn a certificate of completion to showcase your expertise

Your Facilitators

Experts in the field

Prof. Tom Devos

Prof. Tom Devos

Hyperfox founder

Do you need help in streamlining your backoffice processes? As founder at Hyperfox, Tom combines entrepreneurial skills with an extensive background in digital operations. He is passionate about guiding organisations towards a human-first culture, managing the end-to-end digital experience across all products, services and touch points.

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Tom started out as a student entrepreneur, when he founded a digital agency at the age of 18. After his studies, Tom became a digital consultant, doing challenging projects at Wolters Kluwer, Honda Motor Europe, ENI and ING, Pelican Rouge, Selecta, VDAB, Randstad, Cegeka, Baloise, Sereni, De Wit Bunkering, Joma Sport, Demeyere. In the last few years, Tom has transitioned from consulting towards Hyperfox, the SaaS platform for automating supply chain. Here he combines the gathered wisdom from consultancy life with thorough domain expertise and passionate entrepreneurship. Tom is also an appreciated professor at Ehsal Management School and Leuven University in the fields of Digital Strategy. In all his endeavours, Tom carries a mission to use digital for good, to leave a tiny positive impact towards a more sustainable society.

Prof. Kris Pattyn

Prof. Kris Pattyn

Hyperfox Operations Expert

Do you need an expert in streamlining operational processes across the full Supply Chain? Kris Pattyn started his career as a production manager at several major media companies in Belgium. Today, he is a serial entrepreneur in the world of traditional and digital media, education and software. In his companies, he always tries to make the difference through sophisticated and automated business processes.

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Also a lecturer at KU Leuven and Ehsal Management School Campus Brussels where he has been initiating Commercial Science, Commercial Engineering and postgraduate students in the secrets of operational and business processes for more than 30 years. Since 2018, he is also a lecturer at Uhasselt where he draws the subject of supply chain relations. He is also the founder of the "DNKfabriek", a school where entrepreneurs learn how to critically adjust their business idea, business plan and operational plan themselves. He also developed a modern teaching method with workbooks that is applied in corporate training at national and international level.

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Who should join?

Hyperfox Academy is ideal for C-level management who want to understand how a future-proof supply chain can make a difference. The program is designed to maximise learning and is giving techniques that are usable for self-observing-learning in the future for continuous developing impact on the supply chain. Having a buddy to collaborate with enhances the learning experience and fosters practical application in your respective organisations.

What is the Thinking Factory Methodology?

The Thinking Factory Methodology, developed by Prof. Kris Pattyn, is a unique approach that blends deep academic knowledge with practical, industry-focused applications.

This method focuses on learning to observe based on trends and academic models in one's own operational environment. Starting from a homework beforehand, a sharing of observations in group while in the sessions linked to the models, a discussion with everyone's observational background will teach how hands-on improvement strategies emerge where the use-cases, which will later become objects of HyperAutomation lead to a hands-on result to take home.

What is the cost?

The cost of the program is 960€ per person. We offer a special rate of 1599€ for duos, encouraging collaborative participation and maximising the learning impact for teams.

How will the group look like?

Each group will be composed from a maximum of eight different companies (max 16 participants) to ensure a diverse and enriching learning environment. We take care to avoid including direct competitors in the same group, fostering an open and collaborative atmosphere. The programme will be given in your preferred language.

Where will the live sessions take place?

The live sessions of the Hyperfox Academy will be held at the Corda Incubator (Corda Campus, Kempische Steenweg 303/200, 3500 Hasselt, Limburg). We provide on-site catering, including food and drink options, to ensure a comfortable learning environment for all participants.

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