Here is Hyperfox, the customer portal that streamlines your b2b experience.

With the Hyperfox Customer & Partner portal, you easily streamline workflows and processes in- and outside your company with the power of hyperautomation.

Streamlined processes in and outside your company

Hyperfox B2B Customer & Partner Portal

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Streamline your business workflows between internal and external stakeholders. From punch-out orders that support long term business contracts to customer service, offering a streamlined digital experience was never this easy.

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Every action from every stakeholder is logged, whether it originates from in- or outside the organisation. This way, Hyperfox builds trust by offering an extensive audit trail. Get insights in the real process and optimise the whole.
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Experience the true power of hyperautomation. The Hyperfox platform embeds the newest technologies such as Conversational AI to automate workflows and make them more human-friendly at the same time.

We make a big difference for our customers.

We help our clients create added value in their value network.

Join the revolution

Everything you need to offer true business experience, digitally.

Discover the features of the Hyperfox platform.
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B2B Customer & Partner Portal
Give your B2B customers & partners digital access to your organisation and drastically reduce administrative follow-up.
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Document Sharing
Easily share offers, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, certificates and other relevant documents for customers and partners.
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Audit Trail
Keep an extensive audit trail of everything happening between you and the customer. This way the customer remains up-to-date about the status of your collaboration. No more calls and e-mails, happier customers.
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Gain insight into the dynamics of flows as they are today. Use these insights to transform workflows into what they must be - efficient and footprint-reducing. Efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand.
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Flow Builder
Instead of hiring a programmer to develop your customer portal tailor made, you now have the power to create and customise your own portal with our flow builder. No developer needed.
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Chatbots & Conversational AI
Offer conversational AI-driven chatbot to your customers and partners. Allow them to communicate in their language and request services or products from your company. No more long shopping baskets or checkouts, no more long forms.
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By monitoring your processes, the Hyperfox platform gives you suggestions to automate your workflows even better. Disvoer the true power of hyperautomation.
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Hyperfox easily integrates with your ERP, CMS, CRM, Webshop, PIM, ... Discover all out plugins in the Hyperfox marketplace, or build your own integration with the Hyperfox API.

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