Here is Hyperfox, ready to make your processes insightful.

Hyperfox creates an omni-directional virtual network where stakeholders deliver value to each other.

Towards a value network in three steps

Meet FOX, our operating model

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Flowstreaming as a starting point. Organise your workflows, define your flows and make sure they add value. Think omni-directionally so that all stakeholders become valuable gateways to your business.

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Enabling insight into flows. Gather the relevant information, validate it against ongoing flows, understand their dynamics.Bring these data together in a knowledge centre, building the unique position of "single source of truth".
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Enabling (automated) efficiency in flows. Use our designerbot to generate workflows. Our flowbot will efficiently monitor these flows during operational processes. Lessons from data observation become the core of optimising flows.

We make a big difference for our customers.

We help our clients create added value in their value network.

Join the revolution

All the puzzle pieces you need to build a value network, digitally.

Grow step by step as you expand your workflows.
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Set your order, service and maintenance flows up in Hyperfox, so that your flows can do the heavy lifting. This is the first step in building a value network.
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Knowledge Center
Document agreements and rules about your flows. Combine them with certificates, outgoing knowledge such as work orders and invoices and process data generated by the flow streamer.
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Validate agreements and understandings. Register the metadata of the various process steps, building a record of truthful information. Hyperfox thus becomes the "Single source of truth".
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Gain insight into the dynamics of flows as they are today. Use these insights to transform workflows into what they must be - efficient and footprint-reducing. Efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand.
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Efficiently capture information and group flows into workflows thanks to our workflow builder. Use casebuilders to translate workflows into business elements.
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Monitor the progress of your cases, workflows and the flows themselves efficiently. Always check validation against the rules of the game and the agreements within the value network and thus guarantee correct progress.
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Learning AI
Let our AI find its way through the results of repetitive workflows and segregated flows. Look for resource efficiency, reduced footprint and maximum sustainability.
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Connect the dots with Hypercore. Stakeholder management, case management and network tenancy: Hypercore makes the connections in the background to add evenmore value!

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