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Hyperfox helps manufacturers, distributors and warehousers to transition their backoffice teams from repetitive tasks to value added work. We do this with a platform for automating administrative processes, and a community of peers and experts.

About Hyperfox

Hyperfox was founded in February 2023 by Tom Devos and Bert Baeck, after a successful incubation period based on on-hand experience and a progressive understanding of value flow automation, validated with promising proof of concepts.
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Nominated Limburg Startup of the Year '23 by LSU
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Award for Biggest Growth Spring Cohort '23 by Start it @KBC
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Nominated as Lovable by our customers
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Joined Cohort 15 of the Birdhouse tech accelerator program
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The founders of Hyperfox are second-generation entrepreneurs with in-depth expertise in business and technology. Together with ambitious customer-minded team members they form the HyperCore team. They are engaged every day to deliver exceptional value experiences to our customers and their external stakeholders.

Our HyperCore team is guided by expert advisors in strategy, product, operations, business development, finance, marketing, and HR. These HyperVisors form the second layer in our HyperTeam. They keep our team accountable, engaged, and future oriented.

The third layer consist of our HyperTribe, adding extra likeminded partners inthe fields of UX/UI, Data Science, AI, Implementation, Integration, ...

Together, we build a new world delivering sustainable value to our customers and their stakeholders.

Mission & Vision

We envision a world of sustainable networks where all stakeholders can cooperate in a similar and equal way in a safe and transparent environment.

Our mission is to bring people in flow. Flow is when you wake up before your alarm, the coffee tastes like a cup of heaven, your inbox is empty, calls are fun and it did not feel like working today.

Hyperfox Vision? Become the most loved platform that empowers backoffice teams.
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