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Prof. Tom Devos

Prof. Tom Devos

Hyperfox founder

Do you need help in streamlining your backoffice processes? As founder at Hyperfox, Tom combines entrepreneurial skills with an extensive background in digital operations. He is passionate about guiding organisations towards a human-first culture, managing the end-to-end digital experience across all products, services and touch points.

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Tom started out as a student entrepreneur, when he founded a digital agency at the age of 18. After his studies, Tom became a digital consultant, doing challenging projects at Wolters Kluwer, Honda Motor Europe, ENI and ING, Pelican Rouge, Selecta, VDAB, Randstad, Cegeka, Baloise, Sereni, De Wit Bunkering, Joma Sport, Demeyere. In the last few years, Tom has transitioned from consulting towards Hyperfox, the SaaS platform for automating supply chain. Here he combines the gathered wisdom from consultancy life with thorough domain expertise and passionate entrepreneurship. Tom is also an appreciated professor at Ehsal Management School and Leuven University in the fields of Digital Strategy. In all his endeavours, Tom carries a mission to use digital for good, to leave a tiny positive impact towards a more sustainable society.

Prof. Kris Pattyn

Prof. Kris Pattyn

Hyperfox Operations Expert

Do you need an expert in streamlining operational processes across the full Supply Chain? Kris Pattyn started his career as a production manager at several major media companies in Belgium. Today, he is a serial entrepreneur in the world of traditional and digital media, education and software. In his companies, he always tries to make the difference through sophisticated and automated business processes.

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Also a lecturer at KU Leuven and Ehsal Management School Campus Brussels where he has been initiating Commercial Science, Commercial Engineering and postgraduate students in the secrets of operational and business processes for more than 30 years. Since 2018, he is also a lecturer at Uhasselt where he draws the subject of supply chain relations. He is also the founder of the "DNKfabriek", a school where entrepreneurs learn how to critically adjust their business idea, business plan and operational plan themselves. He also developed a modern teaching method with workbooks that is applied in corporate training at national and international level.

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