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Automating the ordering and service processes in the food & beverage industry

Even in the world of food, where flavors and aromas reign supreme, digital transformation has found its place.

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In the Food & Beverage industry, precision matters. Every ingredient, every dish, and every drink involves a complex web of food suppliers, chefs, logistic operators, facility managers …

Hyperfox steps into this intricate dance, connecting the dots and infusing it with the power of HyperAutomation. Hyperfox is your secret ingredient for streamlining processes and supercharging efficiency.

Hyperfox connects the supply chain

In the Food & Beverage industry, food suppliers, producers, and distributors play pivotal roles in delivering products to consumers. Hyperfox acts as the invisible thread that seamlessly connects these stakeholders. Whether you're a food producer, a distributor, or the technician of vending machines, Hyperfox allows you to collaborate efficiently. Monitor your supply chain in real-time, place orders for ingredients or proactively plan maintenance - all within the framework set by your company.

Hyperfox provides real-time insights for informed decisions

Hyperfox doesn’t stop at mere connections: it empowers you to take control. The food & beverage industry functions like a clockwork. With spoilable resources every stakeholder should be ticking to the tocks. Every second counts. Hyperfox provides insight in resources and keeps everyone involved in sync. The result: better decision-making and less waste.

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Hyperfox turns transparency into proactivity

When coffee beans have ran out, everyone immediately calls the facility manager: “We want our coffee.” The facility manager then ought to call the sales representative … Hyperfox turns the chain of events around. Thanks to smart IoT integrations, new beans can be delivered even before they’re out of stock. The facility manager doesn’t have to worry anymore when drinking their coffee. As they are in the know, they trust all stays in flow.

Hyperfox brings stakeholders together

If you can anticipate the needs of your stakeholders, then you become invaluable to them. Time spent calling can now be spent advising. This also means that you can reduce waste in your own processes. Sending half empty trucks to help one customer also becomes a thing of the past. Hyperfox makes the needs of your stakeholders actionable.

Hyperfox connects

Hyperfox serves as a single source of truth for everyone involved. Quickly reorder the most consumed products and HyperAutomate where possible. Food and beverages aren’t the only things that can spoil: so can your relationships if you don’t follow-up on them. Join the new era of efficiency, reliability, and collaboration: perhaps we should talk that through over a coffee.

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