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The automated co-pilot for real estate managers and syndics

Hyperfox transforms everyday issues in buildings into efficient workflows for property managers

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Apartmentisation is the new context. Sometimes accelerated, sometimes slower, but it is no longer just a trend. The number of housing units where families live together in larger wholes is growing steadily. So the syndication market is also growing.

After all, they are pivotal in the interplay of building management, the many assets within those buildings and the co-owners’ association. The picture is becoming increasingly complex. In this playing field, property managers must look for efficiency while always seeking to involve co-owners as valuable partners. Moreover, technology in buildings is becoming increasingly challenging. On the one hand, these assets constantly provide information, but they also sometimes require quite a bit of attention.

Hyperfox connects
syndics, co-owners, residents and suppliers

That attention translates into everyday issues. Take technical installations like a lift or an automatic garage door, if they give up the ghost, quite a few stakeholders are involved. A maze of communication then pulls up, everyone calling everyone, with roughly the same message. The property manager who is bombarded by multiple notifications from resident after resident and, of course, the supplier who has to provide breakdown assistance. In an ideal world, a single notification suffices. Hyperfox picks it up and initiates a workflow. The property manager receives a signal. In the same move, the lift supplier receives notification of the faulty lift and the residents are all simultaneously informed that not only is the problem known, but help is on the way…

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Hyperfox connects
in real time

Can we make the world even more ideal? Yes indeed, there is a simple way. A QR code on each asset is the starting point of a workflow. A resident scans it and Hyperfox needs no further explanation. The asset’s unique code comes along, the property manager knows which building, the supplier knows which lift, and fellow residents know that help is on the way… But we can go one step further. We open a chat box and simply talk about the problem. Hyperfox listens, interprets and, yes, initiates the right workflow for the right building and the upfront problem. Or we deploy IoT as a starting point for telemetry. Hyperfox communicates in real time with every asset in a building. Problems are detected automatically, workflows start up automatically, issues are solved before anyone knew there was one.

Hyperfox validates

The multitude of assets in a building, each have their set of obligations. Lifts, garage doors, general maintenance, asset inspections, they are all wrapped up in maintenance contracts with agreements, timings and rates. They form the basis of driving the workflows defined in Hyperfox and are initiated at the right time. Not only conforming to agreements, but also validating whether the KPIs and the agreed SLA were respected, up to approving the invoices, Hyperfox takes care of this in one move.

Hyperfox informs

Hyperfox records and reports in a robust manner. What broke down when? Which device required excessive attention? When was maintenance scheduled? What service issues are open? All information is accessible, to the right stakeholder, internally as well as externally. Hyperfox obviously gives the property manager access to the whole picture, but also the co-owners from their point of view and finally the suppliers for their specific item. It couldn’t be more transparent!

Hyperfox connects

Even a small apartment building soon has dozens of stakeholders. That’s where it starts. If you manage several buildings as a property manager, you already have a multiplier to deal with. Could it get any more complex? Connect this picture with an extensive number of suppliers, building-specific but also building-transcending. That is where the network begins to weave. That is where value-added creation starts. Where are the opportunities? Can we plan efficiently? Or benefit from group purchases?

In addition, Hyperfox creates a large playing field for thorough benchmarking. All the info, measurement data and experiences across all buildings show us where we can achieve targeted quick wins through sustainable asset replacements, save costs and thus deliver value.

Hyperfox organises cross-building thinking, but also cross asset and supplier thinking!

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