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Hyperfox streamlines construction sites with AI

Even construction, although literally a tangible business, remains no stranger to the world of digitisation.

Hyperfox streamlines construction sites with AI.

Even construction, although literally a tangible business, remains no stranger to the world of digitisation. Sure, the construction itself remains physical, the organisation and implementation of that same construction becomes digital…

Where once real estate developer, contractor, wholesaler had formed one row and the customer stood on the other side watching expectantly, this way of working is now officially over. Today, more than ever, the customer has become an important and active stakeholder in the creation of a construction project. And that developer, contractor and wholesaler, they now form a network together with the future home owner.

Hyperfox connects

We know the classic model. A developer sets up a project and engages a contractor to build it. The promoter is in charge of the sale and guides the customer choices. The contractor, in collaboration with the architect, follows up the rest. Each their role, each their starting point, but above all each stays in their own defined territory.

But the world is getting smaller and as such everyone involved interacts more and more with each other. Simply because it is digitally and technically possible. Choices are no longer made by customers based on paper catalogues, but directly in online decision aids, where building plans are pre-loaded.

Every stakeholder knows what is going on in the project. Customers make the choices, the developers can calculate the consequences in the price, the wholesaler knows what needs to be delivered, the (sub)contractor knows what needs to be installed. Transparency at its best!

No more misunderstandings, but instead correct quantities, correct prices, correct schedules and an always up-to-date planning, life in construction will be clear!

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Hyperfox assists your

Only condition, every stakeholder must of course work on one central platform. Visibly tailored to which role logs in, but in the background connecting the entire collection of products and services within the project. The square meters from a construction plan, combined with a digital catalogue of product options, connected to the basic tile offered, to the timing of the project, to name but one example.

Or the choice of sanitaryware, where the standard options are prepared by the developer and validated by a customer. The wholesaler knows what needs to be delivered, the subcontractor knows what needs to be installed. Everyone knows the prices, the specific margins are visible to those who need to see it. And the timing can also be managed globally.
As long as the decision phase isn’t closed by the project supervisor, adjustments can still be made. A bathtub can be perfectly exchanged for a walk-in shower. No elaborate session with emails, purchase receipts and all possible extra alarms. The platform has the knowledge, everything is adjusted in the right place, the numbers, prices, values are correct. Time and time again!

Hyperfox helps you

A lot in a construction project comes down to service. And that is becoming more technological by the day. After all, a construction has long transcended the definition of a pile of bricks. Everything has a manual, knowledge becomes more specific. Wholesalers possess that know-how and can inform and guide correctly. After all, service in making the right choices is becoming more important. And often choices affect each other… so what would be possible if all assets stick into one platform?

Once a project is delivered, the (sub)contractor may disappear from sight, but the sanitary installation, the solar panels, they will remain visibly present and may require extra service and periodic maintenance… and we see a new shift in the market.

The wholesaler is shifting towards the end customer and taking over service from the contractor. In an ideal world, the supplier itself would provide after-sales service. The wholesaler facilitates and relieves the contractor. Or perhaps in a single click, the supplier connects the customer to its devices and installations from its Hyperfox platform. Talk about streamlined and networked processes?

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