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Hyperfox weaves value streams in the port area

When the maritime sector reaches land, in comes Hyperfox to guide in HyperAutomation.

Large containership on the open sea during sunset

When the maritime sector reaches land, a wondrous interplay emerges between port authorities, shipping companies, ships and a diverse range of suppliers, each playing a role in the daily goings-on in a port and on board a ship. Hyperfox facilitates interaction between these stakeholders.

Ships are small floating factories that are in turn controlled by shipping companies. Shipowners play a pivotal role in this port scene. They procure port services but also must conform to licensing policies. Ships have numerous visible needs like drinking water and fuel, but also invisible needs like maintenance or a new filter for the engine. And so, a matrix of value-added interactions between all these actors emerges. A bit too complex not to have proper follow-up.

Hyperfox connects

Hyperfox allows a shipping company to play the connecting role. Skippers thus get access from the shipping company to the platform for daily monitoring of their floating needs. In this way, all stakeholders are connected, and it becomes possible to efficiently request online services (permits, tank analyses, etc.) or order products (hydrogen, lubricating oil, drinking water, life jackets, paints, methanol, hydrogen, etc.). And all within the agreements made by the shipping company where the suppliers see the assignments or orders appear in real-time. Down with bureaucracy!

Hyperfox connects
in real time

But thanks to Hyperfox, the shipping company can also take steering action. Defining maintenance plans for each vessel (lubrication schedules, filter schedules, inspections of engines, tanks, cranes...) keeps the shipowner abreast and steered. Luckily, Hyperfox can handle the signals and data from IoT-driven telemetry installed on board just as well. No more periodic reminders, but real-time analysis and monitoring automatically trigger appropriate actions (maintenance, inspections, port notifications...).

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Hyperfox validates

Every interaction facilitated via Hyperfox is also validated against the constraints associated with it. This allows the shipping company to make agreements with suppliers to offer services and products via the platform, against pre-agreed conditions around delivery time, price and adapted product range. This sets up a specific value network for the actors involved.

Hyperfox informs

The same supplier can gain insight as a stakeholder via a defined access to their specific portal. Data coming from the internal telemetry allows to better fine-tune the product range, but also to optimise delivery times. Automatically detect when a tank is almost empty to plan the supply of drinking water or gas oil. Or automatically detect when a filter needs to be replaced and order the right filter variant at the same time. This allows the supplier to optimise its planning and routes for deliveries. Saving unnecessary trips, a quick win in the context of sustainability.

Hyperfox connects

Not only the shipowner, skipper, or supplier, but also the port authorities can step into this value matrix for their specific competences. Monitor safety, forward requests for safety checks. Notify relevant parties as mandated when bunkering or supervising transports. And at the same time, Hyperfox can act as a library for permits and inspections. Thus, Hyperfox fulfils its role as a monitor. Continuously evaluate agreements made and convert them into alerts to all stakeholders involved if a delivery threatens to go wrong. Or signal if an inspection or permit is due to expire shortly.

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