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Backoffice Automation in the Chemicals and Plastics Industry

Enhance efficiency and reduce errors with Hyperfox in the chemicals and plastics industry.

See how Hyperfox revolutionises backoffice automation in the chemicals and plastics industry, integrating ERP systems, enabling real-time tracking, and boosting customer satisfaction through advanced self-service features.

Company Profile

A significant player in the chemicals and plastics industry faced major operational challenges due to the complexity of their customer requirements and inefficiencies in their order processing system. Previous attempts to streamline operations through a inhouse-developed customer portal were unsuccessful, leading to financial losses.


High Workload on Backoffice Teams

The team was burdened with manual tasks such as order entry, which were prone to errors due to the complex nature of the products and terms.

Frequent Customer Inquiries

A high volume of calls and emails for order status checks put additional pressure on the backoffice staff.

Complex Customer Channels

Each customer had unique needs for customised products, specific pricing, and personalised delivery terms, which standard webshops and B2B platforms could not adequately handle.

Unsuccessful Previous System Implementation

Over $150,000 was spent on an agency to develop a tailored solution that ultimately failed to meet the company's needs.

Hyperfox Implementation

To address these issues, the company implemented Hyperfox Business Software, which included the following key features:

ERP Integration

Hyperfox was integrated with the company's on-premise Sage ERP system through scheduled import/export of product, order, delivery, invoice, and customer data. This ensured seamless synchronisation across systems, enhancing data accuracy and reducing manual data entry efforts.

Real-Time Document Sharing

Hyperfox enabled document sharing capabilities, allowing customers to access their specific orders, delivery notes, and invoices in real-time. This shift to a paperless system streamlined operations and significantly reduced the need for status check communications.

Online Invoice Payments

By enabling online invoice payments through Hyperfox, the company accelerated its cash flow and simplified the payment process for customers, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Real-Time Order and Delivery Tracking

Orders placed via the customer portal were automatically validated before being imported into the ERP system. This step ensured accuracy and compliance with contractual agreements, reducing errors and the need for manual checks.

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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The self-service capabilities provided by Hyperfox led to higher customer satisfaction, as clients could manage their interactions more efficiently and with greater transparency.

Reduced Workload for Backoffice Teams

The automation of order processing and the availability of real-time data significantly decreased the workload on backoffice staff, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks and improving job satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency

With fewer errors, less manual intervention, and streamlined communications, the company saw an improvement in operational efficiency and a reduction in overhead costs associated with customer service and order processing.


The implementation of Hyperfox Business Software transformed the backoffice operations of this chemicals and plastics company, addressing its unique challenges with tailored solutions. By automating critical processes, integrating essential systems, and providing customers with powerful self-service tools, Hyperfox helped the company achieve significant operational improvements, enhanced customer service, and faster financial transactions. This use case demonstrates the powerful impact of Hyperfox in overcoming industry-specific barriers to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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