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Enhance Supply Chain Visibility for Value-Added Distributors

Boost real-time supply chain visibility with Hyperfox for enhanced service in Germany.

Discover how Hyperfox empowers a German value-added distributor with real-time dashboards, seamless system integration, and automated reporting to optimise logistics and exceed customer expectations in supply chain management.

Company Profile

A leading value-added distributor in Germany's warehousing and logistics industry faced significant challenges in meeting a key customer's demand for real-time operational insights and improved service level adherence.


Manual Reporting

The monthly service level agreement (SLA) reporting was manually compiled by process engineers, consuming substantial time and effort.

Delayed Insights

Reports were delivered post-factum, hindering timely decision-making and optimisation of processes.

Inconsistent Data

Data discrepancies existed across internal systems, including Warehouse Management (WMS), Transport Management (TMS), and Customer Service platforms, leading to conflicting reports.

Customer Demands

The customer required a real-time dashboard to monitor On-Time and In-Full (OTIF) delivery performance metrics, which the existing infrastructure could not support.

Hyperfox Implementation

To address these issues, Hyperfox implemented a series of strategic integrations and enhancements:

System Integrations

Hyperfox began by connecting with the company's existing WMS, TMS, and Service Desk software to consolidate data and establish a single source of truth. This foundational step was crucial for eliminating inconsistencies and improving data quality.

Real-Time Operational Dashboard

An operational dashboard was developed to provide accurate, real-time reporting of OTIF metrics. This tool enabled the internal teams to streamline calculations and share dynamic, up-to-date information with the customer, enhancing transparency and trust.

Extended ERP Integration

In subsequent phases, Hyperfox also integrated with the ERP system of the distributor's customer. This expansion provided deeper insights and a more comprehensive view of the entire supply chain, further refining the accuracy and utility of the dashboard.

Enhanced SLA Monitoring and Analysis

With improved data integration and reporting capabilities, SLAs were better defined and more closely monitored. The system facilitated detailed analysis of root causes affecting service levels, such as order viability, timely order picking, pickup scheduling, delivery punctuality, and returns management.

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Empowered Real-Time Decision Making

The customer can now monitor their external warehouse operations in real time, enabling continuous optimisation and more effective management of logistics operations.

Reduced Manual Workload

The automation of the reporting process significantly reduced the time and effort previously devoted to manual report generation, freeing up the team for higher-value activities.

Continuous Improvement

With real-time data and insights, both the distributor and their customer can proactively address issues and implement continuous improvements in the supply chain, leading to better overall performance and customer satisfaction.


The implementation of Hyperfox Business Software revolutionised how the value-added distributor managed and reported critical logistics operations. By automating data collection and reporting, providing real-time visibility, and enhancing integration across systems, Hyperfox enabled the distributor to meet and exceed their customer's expectations. This use case demonstrates the transformative potential of Hyperfox in optimising supply chain operations and improving service delivery in the warehousing and logistics industry.

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