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Backoffice Automation in the Food Industry with Hyperfox

Streamlined backoffice operations in the food industry with Hyperfox, enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and boosting customer satisfaction.

Discover how Hyperfox transformed backoffice efficiency in the food industry, integrating seamlessly with ERP systems, automating order processes, and enhancing both customer and employee satisfaction.

Company Profile

A prominent food industry company faced significant challenges with backoffice inefficiency due to manual order processing and complex customer requirements. Despite attempts to implement a traditional B2B e-commerce platform, the unique demands of their business could not be met, leading to high costs and unsuccessful outcomes.


High Workload on Backoffice Teams

The backoffice staff was overwhelmed with manual tasks, primarily due to the diverse and complex nature of customer orders.

Complex Customer Channels

Each customer required customised products, unique pricing, and personalised delivery terms, which traditional webshops and B2B platforms failed to accommodate effectively.

Inefficient Order Processing

Manual order entry was prone to errors and inefficiency, contributing to operational bottlenecks.

Failed System Implementation

Over 250,000 EUR was spent on an agency to tailor a solution that ultimately did not meet their needs.

Hyperfox Implementation

The company turned to Hyperfox to overhaul their backoffice systems and streamline operations. Key aspects of the Hyperfox implementation included:

ERP Integration

Hyperfox was integrated with the company's on-premise Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP system through scheduled import/export of product, order, customer, and contract data. This ensured that all systems were synchronised and up-to-date, facilitating smoother operations.

Customised Customer Portals

Hyperfox customised the platform to allow each customer to consult their personalised product catalog and prices. This level of personalisation was crucial for meeting the specific needs of each customer and simplifying the ordering process.

Online Ordering

With the Hyperfox customer portal, clients could place orders online in a tailored fashion. This new system significantly reduced the need for manual order entries and allowed for a more streamlined ordering process.

Automatic Order Validation

Orders placed via the customer portal were automatically validated before being imported into the ERP system. This step ensured accuracy and compliance with contractual agreements, reducing errors and the need for manual checks.

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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customers expressed high satisfaction with the ability to manage their orders through a self-service portal, which was tailored to their specific needs.

Reduced Workload for Backoffice Teams

The backoffice team experienced a significant reduction in manual tasks, errors, and operational pressure. This allowed them to focus more on value-added services and less on routine data entry.

Operational Efficiency

The integration and customisation provided by Hyperfox led to an efficient, error-reduced order process, improving overall operational flow and customer service quality.


Hyperfox’s solution for backoffice automation in the food industry demonstrates the platform's capability to handle complex customer needs and integrate seamlessly with existing ERP systems. By customising the software to meet the unique requirements of each customer and automating critical processes, Hyperfox helped transform the company’s operations, leading to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer and employee satisfaction. This use case illustrates the transformative impact of Hyperfox Business Software in addressing specific industry challenges effectively.

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