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Hyperfox Attends Slush 2023

Hyperfox shines at Slush 2023, engaging and networking with key tech stakeholders.

December 1, 2023

This year, Hyperfox had the opportunity to participate in Slush 2023, one of the most prominent startup and tech events globally. Representing Hyperfox at the event were Tom Devos and Thomas Cardon, who engaged with a variety of stakeholders across the tech landscape.

Slush 2023

The event was organised superbly by Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) and Startup.Flanders, who provided Hyperfox with the platform to showcase our solutions, including a booth on Friday. We extend our gratitude to Hanna Tuohino from FIT for her role in facilitating this opportunity.

We would also like to acknowledge Robin Pauwels and Pénélope Simons from The Beacon | Innovation Community for their support at the event. Their efforts in making introductions were invaluable in helping us establish meaningful industry connections.

Highlights from Slush 2023


The event offered a dynamic environment for networking, where we engaged in discussions that unveiled potential collaboration opportunities.

Insights Across Industries

Interacting with participants from various sectors provided us with fresh perspectives and insights, which are essential for fostering innovation within our solutions.

Market Validation

Feedback received during the event emphasised the demand and relevance of our self-service portal, affirming its value to our customers.

As we reflect on our time at Slush 2023, we are encouraged by the interactions we had and the insights we gained. These experiences are vital as we continue to refine our offerings and explore new opportunities to enhance operational efficiency.

For more updates on Hyperfox and our future engagements, stay tuned to our news section.

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