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Hyperfox attends the Future Logistics Fair in Duisburg, Germany

Discover how Hyperfox made valuable connections and showcased innovation.

May 16, 2024

Thomas and Kris at the Future Logistics fair 2024 in Duisburg.

Hyperfox shines at the Future Logistics Fair in Duisburg, Germany, making valuable connections and showcasing innovative solutions. Exciting opportunities ahead!

Presence at Future Logistics

Hyperfox attended the Future Logistics event hosted by Startport GmbH in Duisburg, Germany on Tuesday 14th of May 2024. The event brought together important people and companies in the logistics industry, offering a great chance to meet new potential partners and show off our flow enabling platform for backoffice teams.

Valuable Conversations and Connections

Kris Pattyn and Thomas Cardon represented Hyperfox at the event, talking with many value-added distributors and warehousers from Germany, France and the BeNeLux.

"The value-added distributors we spoke to all had recognisable backoffice challenges and they clearly found an experienced sparring partner with Hyperfox. The first follow-up meetings are already planned, we can't wait to see where this will take us."

Big Thanks to Startport

Hyperfox thanks Andrea Peters and the whole Startport GmbH team for organising such a wonderful event. Their careful planning and friendly welcome made sure everyone had a great time. The event not only helped us meet new people but also showed the exciting and innovative side of the logistics industry and community they have.

Looking Ahead

The Future Logistics fair showed how important new ideas and working together are in the logistics world. Hyperfox is excited about the new connections made and the opportunities ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on Hyperfox’s journey and future developments in the logistics industry.

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