Hyperfox Raises €680,000 in Seed Round Investment
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Hyperfox Raises €680,000 in Seed Round Investment

The Limburg-based startup, Hyperfox, has successfully secured a seed round investment of 680k EUR.

September 1, 2023

The Limburg-based startup, Hyperfox, with its office at Corda INCubator, has successfully secured a seed round investment amounting to €680,000. The funding round saw contributions from LRM (Limburg investment company), individual investors, and members of the Hyperfox team itself.

Hyperfox: Revolutionising B2B Digital Flows

Hyperfox has developed a software platform that facilitates rapid construction of digital flows via HyperAutomation. What sets them apart is the integration of artificial intelligence, rendering traditional B2B webshops obsolete.

Tom Devos, Founder and CEO of Hyperfox, explained, "Manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers deal with professional customers, each with its specific contract regarding product range and pricing policies. Translating these intricate deals into a digital ordering platform on top of the existing ERP system often costs businesses hundreds of thousands of euros in customisation. That's where Hyperfox comes into play."

Hyperfox introduces a personalised layer on top of the ERP. With AI tools such as ChatGPT and chatbots, it automates as many processes as possible between a business and its B2B customers. Devos elaborated, "Our platform significantly simplifies the entire ordering process, making manual orders via phone or email a thing of the past. Our software ensures transparency for the customer regarding order status, reduces administrative burden, minimises errors during processing, and increases sales. With our 'foxy AI', businesses can even reduce the number of back-office staff."

The story behind Hyperfox

The Hyperfox team's expertise stems from their background in Intago, a Limburg digital agency. Devos recounted, "With Intago, we custom-built client portals for B2B businesses. However, we repeatedly encountered similar requests, leading to the idea of a scalable business model."

After participating in the Bryo Scale-up and Investor Readiness program by VOKA Chamber of Commerce Limburg, Tom pitched to a group of Limburg investors. One of them, Bert Baeck, a serial tech entrepreneur known for ventures like Trendminer and Timeseer.ai, saw the potential in Hyperfox. This perfect alignment led to Baeck joining as a co-founder. Within a year, the digital agency was transformed into a SaaS platform with a strong founding team, a new name, and steady growth since its inception. Hyperfox, with Tom at the helm, is poised to dominate the B2B market.

Supported by VOKA KvK Limburg

Ellen Olislagers, Director of Owner-Entrepreneurs at Voka - Chamber of Commerce Limburg, commented, "Hyperfox and Tom's story epitomises a startup that, with the right guidance, can progress in its growth journey. Our Bryo program equips budding entrepreneurs with tools to scale their businesses. Through Investor Readiness, we connected Tom with like-minded entrepreneurs, gearing up to acquire suitable capital for their ventures. As a business organisation, it's our duty to empower companies. We at Voka - KvK Limburg take pride in our programs and expertise contributing to such success stories. It's a testament to the effectiveness of the Limburg ecosystem, with us as guides and LRM as investors, assisting businesses to flourish in our province."

In summary, this seed round marks a significant milestone in Hyperfox's journey, ensuring the rapid development of its platform and sustained growth in the coming years.

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