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From student entrepreneur to launching Hyperfox

Discover how Tom Devos, our founder, overcame Intago's challenges to innovate with Hyperfox.

December 21, 2023

Investor readiness program.

Read about Tom Devos' path from facing business challenges to creating Hyperfox.

Initially a student entrepreneur at UHasselt, Tom Devos helped SMEs with website design, which led to the creation of his digital agency Intago. Despite facing setbacks due to rapid growth and financial barriers, resulting in a major downsizing of Intago, his spirit remained constant and prepared him for new challenges.

Impact of the Investor Readiness Program

Participation in the Investor Readiness program from Voka Limburg was a turning point for Tom. This experience offered him invaluable insights into the investment world, reshaping his business perspective and strategy. It was a crucial step in his journey, providing the tools and confidence needed to navigate the complex business landscape.

Launching Hyperfox

With a renewed vision and a new set of skills, Tom launched Hyperfox in February 2023. This innovative B2B self-service portal aims to revolutionise the operational processes for manufacturers and distributors. This new start-up exemplifies his dedication to innovation and his commitment to providing solutions that streamline and automate operational processes in the supply chain.

Resilience and continuous innovation

Tom Devos' journey from a student entrepreneur to the successful launch of Hyperfox is a powerful testament to the spirit of resilience, dedication and the importance of continuous learning and innovation in entrepreneurship.

"The Investor Readiness program was an absolute eye-opener for me.”

For more on Tom Devos' inspiring entrepreneurial journey and the innovative Hyperfox platform, read the full story on the VOKA website (Dutch article).

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