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Hyperfox among the Top 4 Limburg Startups of the year!

Hyperfox is awarded with this prestigious nomination only 10 months after founding.

December 12, 2023

Hyperfox team.

Discover Hyperfox's rapid rise in the startup world and how a deeper understanding of our 'why' is shaping our future.

In just ten months, Hyperfox has grown as a significant player in the startup arena, securing a place among the top 4 nominees for the Limburg Startup of the Year. This achievement is not just a milestone, but a reflection of dedication and innovation in our pursuit of excellence and a deeper understanding of our purpose.

While we didn't secured the top spot, the recognition as a top 4 nominee is a remarkable achievement, and a validation of our self-service portal. Congratulations to Secury360 for claiming the win, and to the other nominees: Soccer Improved and MyCellHub.

A journey of innovation and growth

Our journey at Hyperfox started with a clear goal: to fill a significant gap in the B2B distribution market. We have been pivoting from a service-based agency to a product-oriented company. This strategic shift, driven by our CEO Tom Devos, a second-generation entrepreneur, was made possible by leveraging his extensive entrepreneurial experience, together with a top team — to fill a vital gap in the B2B distribution market. The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable, earning us recognition in the competitive startup ecosystem in Limburg and beyond.

Testimonials from our partners

Nadia Van der Velden, from Start It @KBC and Joeri Stoop, from VOKA Limburg have been instrumental in our journey. Their testimonials underscore our potential and the impact of our self-service portal and our team. Our partnerships with Limburg Startup, VOKA Limburg, Start It @KBC, Corda Incubator, and LRM have been the pillars of our success, providing us with invaluable guidance and support.

Nadia from Start It @KBC:

I believe in Hyperfox because today they stand with a top team in the company. I especially believe in Tom, the CEO, as he has years of experience as an entrepreneur in the business world. Today, with their platform for B2B distributors, they have found a gap in the market and really have a solution that they can offer for the problem that presents itself today.

Joeri from VOKA Limburg:

The strides Hyperfox, Tom and his team have made in the past year are exceptional. From a service-oriented company, he has had to retune his business model to a product-oriented company. And that is exceptional.

Understanding our 'Why' - Brand Purpose

A recent moment of self-reflection from our CEO, shared in a thoughtful video, highlighted the essence of Hyperfox's mission. During a session with Wim Hamakers from One Inch Whale at the Accelero Group of VOKA Limburg, Tom defined our brand purpose. There was a notion that it is not just about using AI to improve performance; it's about the 'why' – our core reason for existing.

Through conversations with team members at the Corda Incubator, like Robin and Caroline, it became clear: Hyperfox ensures that you as a distributor or manufacturer have time to focus on the sustainable growth of your business and the transformations you face. We take care of the operational fires with our self-service portal, which is just one of our many solutions. This reaffirmed our dedication to being more than a service provider; we are a partner in our clients' success.

Watch the video from Tom (in Dutch) here:


As we reflect on this incredible milestone, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for the future. This recognition is a powerful motivation to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in B2B distribution. A major boost, encouraging us to further focus on our growth and scale. The journey of Hyperfox is just getting started, and the future looks bright. We are more committed than ever to scaling new heights and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients.

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