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Hyperfox Launches HyperAutomated B2B Self-Service Portal Software, Fueled by AI

HyperAutomate customer interactions with Hyperfox, the AI Self-Service Portal !

February 1, 2023

Hyperfox team.

Hyperfox just launched their Self-Service Portal software for B2B Organisations

Here comes Hyperfox, the Self-Service Portal for B2B companies and their customers. We help your B2B company to automated workflows with professional customers and partners.

The platform that helps you do recurring B2B sales

With Hyperfox we've developed AI technology that helps your company automate the sales with your professional customers. Instead of setting up a complex webshop, we choose for the 'flow'-principle. We try to make it as effortless as possible for your professional customers to order via digital channels. No more product catalogs and e-commerce checkouts, but human-like conversations. We make the ordering process an experience in itself, thriving the sales along the way.

Founders from the Industry

Hyperfox is founded by Tom Devos and Bert Baeck, experts in software technology with tons of experience in the B2B market. Tom has been guiding B2B organisations in their digital transformation for the last 15 years. Bert is a serial tech-entrepreneur with a more than successful track record in the industry. Together they now launch Hyperfox to disrupt the B2B Software landscape.

"In the last 15 years I've seen companies struggling to set up a B2B webshop for their professional customers. Whilst the goal is to provide an effortless channel for repeated sales, the result is often complex and suboptimal. With Hyperfox, we want to change this!", Tom Devos, Founder of Hyperfox

Tailored to an underserved B2B market

Hyperfox focuses on the B2B industry with all its complexities. Where traditional webshops have proved an effective tool for B2C sales, we find that the B2B market has other needs. Recurring sales are based on underlying contracts between professional customers, stating their specific rules for collaboration. Webshops aren't for for that purpose.

"The B2B market for recurring sales in an underserved market when it comes to digital automation. Companies have to rely on either ERP platform providers or digital agencies to tailor their digital portals for automation. This has to change, this market deserves the attention it desperately needs. With Hyperfox, we tailor our SaaS solution to this specific B2B segment. Instead of a lead time of 12-18 months for launching a B2B webshop, you can have your automated Hyperfox environment up and running in 2-3 months", Bert Baeck, Co-founder of Hyperfox

Interested in HyperAutomation for your company?

Do you want to increase your digital B2B sales in a sustainable way? Do you want to reduce errors in the ordering process? Do you want to free your backoffice from routine administrative tasks? Then come and talk to Hyperfox. You bring the case, we bring expert advise, a strong solution and black coffee.

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