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Hyperfox brings its HQ to the Corda Incubator in Hasselt

Taking office at the Corda Campus prepares Hyperfox for the next steps in its growth.

August 1, 2023

Belgium's burgeoning SaaS community witnesses yet another moment of growth as Hyperfox, an emerging name known for its AI-driven B2B Customer Portal, establishes its office at the renowned Corda Incubator. This move is not just a new address for the startup, but a step forward in its journey to foster innovation and community collaboration.

Corda Incubator: More than just a co-working space

Situated within the vibrant expanse of the Corda Campus in Hasselt, the Corda Incubator is a haven for SaaS technology startups. By taking an office here, Hyperfox is aligning itself with an ecosystem that champions growth, knowledge-sharing, and peer collaboration.

The incubator, known for nurturing startups, offers a unique blend of resources and networking opportunities, specifically tailored for the SaaS industry. For Hyperfox, this means being in an environment that resonates with its ethos and aspirations.

Hasselt's quiet rise in the tech realm

While global tech hubs often capture the limelight, cities like Hasselt are silently making their mark. The presence of the Corda Campus is a testament to this city's potential, offering a balance between cutting-edge innovation and a calm, focused ambiance. For businesses like Hyperfox, this translates into an ideal setting to grow and thrive.

Hyperfox ready for the next promising chapter

As Hyperfox takes office at the Corda Incubator, it marks the beginning of a promising chapter, not just for the startup but also for the larger SaaS community in Belgium. With its innovative solutions and the supportive environment of the Corda Campus, the future looks bright for this Belgian startup.

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