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Hyperfox for beginners: automating operational processes

See Hyperfox in action: How a pancake factory adapted its supply chain processes with our automation platform.

Explore the power of Hyperfox through Jeanine's Pancake Factory story. Learn how our platform streamlines supply chains, reduces administrative overload and enhances customer satisfaction by providing end-to-end operational visibility.

Many companies face notable hurdles as they grow, especially when it comes to efficiently managing their supply chain which is becoming more and more complex -adding extra stakeholders, nodes, time by time, etc. That's where Hyperfox comes around the corner, enhancing supply chain management from an operational nightmare into a streamlined, efficient process.

Jeanine's Pancake Factory Story

Beginning: Small-Scale Operations

The pancake factory is small, and Jeanine does everything herself — buys ingredients, bakes pancakes, stores them in her small cooling cell, and delivers them with a self-owned refrigerated van to her customers. She makes appointments with various supermarkets, negotiating price, quantity and many other details.

Challenges: The Growth Dilemma

As the business grows, so do the challenges. Each customer has specific and unique agreements about quantity, price, delivery time, etc. Keeping track of each customer's unique requirements becomes an administrative nightmare. Initially, Jeanine tracks these in an Excel spreadsheet. She receives weekly orders and spends a lot of time monthly on order tracking and invoice generation for the different customer agreements. Not to mention the growing complexity of ingredient sourcing, etc.

Growth and Issues: Expansion

As the factory grows, Jeanine can't manage everything alone. She starts using a courier for deliveries and an external refrigerated warehouse, but this leads to a new set of problems. Delayed deliveries, incorrect order quantities, and miscommunication result in customer dissatisfaction — a classic scenario many growing businesses face. The business has grown out of Jeanine's short-term memory and jumped over the limits of her excel sheets.

Two Main Problems

1. The flow of information is no longer insightful: a lot of administration due to different customer agreements.

2. Operational flows are no longer linear: no oversight of the courier and warehouse manager's performance.

Hyperfox’s Solution

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Empowering Customers

Hyperfox steps in to help Jeanine's business. By digitalising and automating the order process, Hyperfox allows Jeanine's customers to place orders based on their specific agreements (price, quantity, delivery time, etc.). This not only streamlines the ordering process but also automates invoice creation, saving Jeanine countless hours and preventing loosing money.

Operational Oversight

More than just a customer-facing solution, Hyperfox provides Jeanine with crucial oversight. Monitoring the performance of her courier services and external warehouse ensures that every part of her supply chain is functioning optimally (on time, in full, fully documented delivery, respecting agreements, no more mistakes, etc.).

Benefits with Hyperfox

Visibility and Control

With Hyperfox, Jeanine gains a real-time view of her entire operational process. This visibility is crucial to prevent issues and ensure that every part of the supply chain works in harmony. It gives Jeanine clear visibility of what's happening inside and outside her pancake factory.

Reduced Administrative Tasks

The automation of key processes significantly cuts down the administrative load. Jeanine can now focus more on strategic aspects of her business rather than getting loads of work in day-to-day operations.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

A smoother operation leads to happier customers. With reliable deliveries and accurate orders, Jeanine's customers are more likely to increase their business with her and purchase more.

Better Financial Margins

No more correcting operational errors with a hidden cost, correct information lead to error-free invoices, which are also made at the touch of a button, faster and correct invoicing also has a positive impact on cash flow.


We hope this "Hyperfox for Beginners" guide gives you a clearer understanding of how our solution can revolutionise your business, just as it did for Jeanine's Pancake Factory. We're eager to hear your thoughts on this journey towards operational excellence and contact us to discuss how Hyperfox can tailor a solution for your business's unique needs.

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