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Customer Case Study: Joma Sport Belgium & Hyperfox

Hyperfox makes flows from Joma super transparent, enhancing their sportswear retail.

Two players playing football.

Discover how Joma Sports Belgium enhanced their sportswear ordering process with Hyperfox, achieving cost savings, increased sales, and enhanced customer experience. Learn about their journey to automate administrative tasks, streamline club collaborations, and provide customised solutions.

Joma is an international multisports brand with roots in Spain. Joma has been around for 55 years and today operates in more than 110 countries. In Belgium, too, Joma is a sports brand that sets trends.

They work closely with sports clubs, of which RSC Anderlecht and RWDM are perhaps the most imaginative in the Belgian context. It is precisely this collaboration that made Joma come out at Hyperfox...

Clubs, clubs and more clubs...

That's how you could describe Joma's issue. Because of course clubs come with their own colours - "purple-white" is just one possible combination and each club also has its own branding. Moreover, within those clubs, not every sportsperson needs the same equipment either - the first team is dressed differently and has more sets than the youth sporter, or the technical staff.

Put all that into a matrix and start non-automated ordering and you soon see a jumble of excel lists, order forms, confirmations, small - registered or not - reserves here and there... a huge waste of time and resources, not to mention the high probability of errors.

Enter sporty Hyperfox

You can obviously try to solve a lot with a comprehensive webshop, but when you talk about collecting overview lists, calculating commissions and valuing the added value of clubs, you fall short with this strategy. So Hyperfox comes around the corner. All the information relevant to Joma in this business case was brought together in clear tables, which can be perfectly configured to their size...

An API with the webshop permanently fills these tables with information from stock lists, realised sales. For Joma, Hyperfox has become the knowledge centre for their relations from the clubs, the players, but also for the follow-up of the logistics flows.

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Never calculate yourself again

Webshops are good at one thing - selling. Following up orders, answering customer queries, providing service, that is of a different order. For this, Hyperfox was chosen to act as a pivot between the players, the clubs and Joma as suppliers.

An overview of orders, a note system to note and answer customer queries, an email engine to send tracking links, to confirm what has been agreed, the whole flow is managed within one clear environment....

But there is more than just managing between Joma and the various clubs, there are of course agreements in place. These are managed within Hyperfox, as the principle may be universal, but the detail may vary from club to club. Managing and updating these agreements is a starting point.

The flows that follow are the automated elaboration. Calculating commissions every quarter? Previously days of calculations, looking up turnovers per club, checking agreements, making the calculation, letting the club know their balance, sending a request to get an invoice.... no need for a drawing... After implementation, one press of a button...

Enter the clubs

One of Hyperfox's guiding principles in its quest to add value is to connect stakeholders. They all have their digital residency already within Hyperfox, Joma has already taken care of that. Why not suddenly give them access to their own corner.... So they can see what has been bought by their club members, they can check the agreements with Joma, they can keep their name and address details up to date, they can see the latest calculation of their commission and the finance guy can upload the invoice in one move.

And on Joma side? They get a notification that the financial document is there, validate it and send it on for payment. Imagine if that invoice came in on a mailbox somewhere. With Hyperfox, you avoid such a situation. Joma thus not only saves time, works efficiently and the sports club, it can only be happier. So Joma happy too!

By adopting Hyperfox, Joma achieved significant advantages:

1. Cost Savings: The automation of administrative tasks and elimination of manual errors reduced the need for additional personnel and saved valuable resources. This resulted in a substantial cost reduction for Joma.

2. Increased Sales and Upsells: The user-friendly ordering process on the Hyperfox platform encouraged players to order more frequently, resulting in increased sales for Joma. Additionally, the seamless integration of Joma's product catalog into retailer systems promoted upselling and drove further revenue growth.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Clubs and players benefited from a streamlined ordering process, customised sportswear, and improved delivery tracking. The simplified invoicing system and efficient customer support further enhanced their overall experience.

Joma partnership with Hyperfox has revolutionised their sportswear ordering process, enabling cost savings, increased sales, and improved customer satisfaction. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Hyperfox, Joma has achieved unprecedented efficiency, paving the way for future growth and success.

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